Nature photography from a woman in the woods

Chasing Shadows . . .

shadow1” … I was crying because I can’t get my shadow to stick on.” ~ Peter Pan

Remember the scene in Walt Disney’s version of Peter Pan where Peter is chasing his shadow around the room?  I hadn’t thought of that since I was a kid,  until I saw my little one year old nephew trying to catch his shadow.  It started with just his hand trying to trap his hand’s shadow on the table .. Then, it increased in intensity a few weeks later as he now tenaciously crawls across the floor at great speed to catch his shadow.  When the angle of the light changes as he gets closer to it, it causes his shadow to change and then his shadow disappears on him.  He stops, looks around and then heads off in the opposite direction where his shadow now is.  We laugh as he entertains us …. he is a very determined shadow chaser.

I did my own form of shadow chasing today … It feels like months since we have had a relatively warm (above 30) day with “sunshine”.  There was some fresh untouched snow, also,  that made the shadows  vivid. (until the dog ran through to figure out what I was looking at …)


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