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Pillow Fights? . . .


“There’s a double beauty whenever a swan Swims on a lake with her double thereon.” ~ Thomas Hood

This year, groups of swans have been hanging out at the lake in the little bay by my house.  The area is protected from the north winds and has a few islands of floating bog for them to walk on.  There is no doubt when they are visiting as they are quite noisy .. trumpeting, splashing and wing flapping.  Those huge wings make awesome sounds as they fly overhead, slide into the water on landing, or flap on the water when they take off .. it is amazing how those big birds fly.

The leftovers, feathers, that remain look like a pillow fight has taken place … and how they interact with each other, maybe they really do have pillow fights.  😉


The swan in the pool is singing,
And up and down doth he steer,
And, singing gently ever,
Dips under the water clear.
~ Heinrich Heine



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A Glass Lake . . .

Shoreline Reflections

Shoreline Reflections

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton

Early mornings and late afternoons in the summer time are when the lakes are most likely to be perfectly still. At these times, they are like the glass on a mirror ~ shiny, smooth and reflecting everything back to you in duplicate. Logically, the lake reflection is at the bottom of the shot, but sometimes when I get home to look at photos it is hard to tell which is the reflection and which is the real version.

When it comes to taking photos, I really enjoy the opportunity water reflections give me to play with symmetry.
(the lakes here are crystal clear .. In the swan picture, what is floating on top is pollen and fuzzy seeds that have blown off the trees and plants around the lake)

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In Search of Spring . . .

SpringStretchFriday was the first day with temperatures above 50 degrees since last October.  There is still a ton of snow out there and under all the snow the lakes still have at least 3 feet of ice … it still looks like winter.  However, the sun and the warmer temps finally made it feel like a Spring day.  (It should have happened back in March, but there is no use in complaining about it … Spring shows up when it is ready, not when we are.)

The weather was so nice, the school emptied out at the end of the day very quickly.  There is too much snow and sloppy, slush puddles to do much outside, but I think most of us just wanted to experience the warmth and the sun.  I hopped in my car and drove around looking for signs of Spring … and I found a couple.

There was some small spots of open water on the river that the geese, ducks and swans must have found immediately … because the spot that was totally devoid of visible life just a few days ago was splashing with it.

Bottoms Up!  …..



Honking Party . . .

My saturday morning was filled with hours of loud honking. A dozen Canadian Geese and 6 Trumpeter Swans decided to have a party together on the lake … The honking traveled on the wind which also allowed me to sneak down to the lake for a few pictures. I was blessed to be able to sit and watch the “fowl” party without being spotted for a good 30 minutes …. what a great start to this Fall weekend.

Ending with an afternoon nap: